About LearnUp

We are on a mission to solve the skills gap by empowering job seekers to learn the skills they need to get hired.

What is LearnUp?

LearnUp is a job training and placement platform for entry-level jobs. We help employers pre-train and hire the best people.

It’s hard to find a job these days because many people don’t have the skills employers are looking for. In today’s economy, the skills needed are changing so rapidly that most of us don't know what you need to know to get the job.

LearnUp is here to help

On the site, employers tell you what training you need for specific jobs. Job seekers who complete the training can get contacted directly by hiring managers for open positions. It’s a win-win!

Let's get you a great job today!


LearnUp is funded by Floodgate (Mike Maples), Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock (Reid Hoffman), NEA, SV Angel (Ron Conway), TechFellows Fund, and other phenomenal angels.

Our Team

Alexis Ringwald

Alexis Ringwald

Co-founder & CEO

Alexis Ringwald is an entrepreneur with a passion for solving massive social challenges. She co-founded LearnUp after spending six months in America’s unemployment offices researching the education and jobs crisis. Prior to LearnUp, Alexis co-founded Valence Energy, which was acquired by Serious Energy in 2010.

Alexis lived in India for three years as a Fulbright Scholar. While there, she co-directed a Climate Solutions Road Tour driving 2,400 miles across India in solar plug-in electric cars.

Alexis is a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, and on Forbes "30 Under 30" and Fast Company's "Most Influential Women in Tech." She completed her B.A./M.E.M from Yale University, and speaks French, German, Spanish and basic Hindi.

Kenny Ma

Kenny Ma

Co-founder & CTO

Kenny Ma is an entrepreneur and software engineer with deep knowledge in building social consumer internet products. Prior to LearnUp, Kenny was a Lead Engineer at IGN Entertainment where he led the development of IGN's social platform, which included a social network for gamers called MyIGN. He also led IGN's mobile engineering team to develop IGN's iPhone, iPad and Android applications.

Kenny's passion for education started in high school when he built his first web application to let high school students help each other with Math problems. He also started his first technology company at the age of 17 to create an online portal for the Vietnamese American community in the US.

Kenny received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at the University of California at Irvine.

Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor

Hacker / Dishwasher

Scott is a founding software engineer with a passion for alternative education. Prior to Learnup, Scott worked at Eastmedia, a consulting company in New York City, maintaining several high traffic Rails applications and building the first version of Ideeli's iPhone app. After Eastmedia he joined Erly, an innovative social platform acquired by Airtime.

Scott is a prolific open source hacker, as he has contributed to several open source projects and started a bunch of his own.

Scott holds his B.A. in Classics and Comparative Literature from St. John's College in Annapolis, MD. He also holds the record for the fastest and loudest typist at LearnUp.

Andrew Pariser

Andrew Pariser

Software Engineer

Andrew is a founding software engineer who's thrilled to be working on bridging the skills gap and helping people get jobs. Prior to LearnUp, Andrew worked at Lexity (since acquired by Yahoo!), a startup which helps small businesses succeed online, where he built large portions of the lexity.com website, coded the foundations of the Commerce Central API and co-wrote the Live Sales app featured at LAUNCH 2013 conference.

Andrew travels whenever given the opportunity, and is on pace to visit all 50 of the United States by the age of 30 (South Dakota, here I come). He is an enthusiastic amateur chef, amateur foodie, amateur photographer and amateur athlete.

Andrew got his M.S. and came oh-so-close to getting his Ph.D. in Computational Mathematics at Stanford, and has a B.S. in Applied Mathematics and in Physics from Yale.

Charissa Stowers

Charissa Stowers

Trainer and Instructional Designer

Charissa is the Training Lead at LearnUp, and she loves developing the programs that helps jobseekers find their perfect fit.

Charissa was previously a training manager at Lark Technologies, rolling out product training to Lark's US retail partners. She cut her training teeth at Apple, where she started in retail sales. She then worked with Global Retail Training, supporting the opening and continuing development of Apple stores across North America.

Charissa is a proud Texan, and can make a mean breakfast taco when given the chance. She also enjoys getting crafty by sewing, crocheting, and whatever else looks intriguing on Pinterest.

Charissa received her BA in Film at Baylor University (Sic 'Em Bears!) and her MA in Education: Communication Arts and Ed Tech at Webster University.

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