• LearnUp consistently helps me find great talent for my store. Because LearnUp candidates prepare for the job in advance, I've significantly reduced my hiring and training time and can focus on building our business.
    – Derek Coffill, General Manager, Staples
  • Our hiring reps love meeting LearnUp candidates who have taken the time to prepare and understand our company’s culture and business before they apply.
    – Chica Martin, Hiring Director, Safeway

Why you should use LearnUp

Give candidates a realistic job preview.

Give job candidates a realistic job preview by posting free online trainings for them to complete.

Hire the most motivated, pre-trained candidates.

LearnUp tracks candidates who complete your company’s training and select your location.

Save time and money while improving retention.

LearnUp helps you directly source candidates who understand your company, have the job skills you need, and are more likely to stay in the long run.

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