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We studied hiring from the job seeker’s perspective. We talked to the nation's leading employers. We uncovered a method that works.

Hiring process today

Companies struggle to find and retain entry level workers.

Businesses are spending more money than ever recruiting applicants for entry-level roles, only to hire less than 5% of candidates.

Industries like retail, foodservice and hospitality suffer from disastrously high turnover in entry level roles. The cost of replacing these workers runs up to an estimated $5,000 per employee.[1]

50% - 150%

Turnover Rates in Current Hourly Workforce


Replacement Cost Per Team Member

We’re tackling the hiring problem at scale and saving businesses millions.


The LearnUp Approach

Reduce employee turnover by 10 - 30%.

LearnUp addresses three root factors of turnover: misunderstood expectations, lack of skills, and lack of support.[2,3,4] Armed with realistic expectations and skills before day one, employees start strong and stay employed longer.

Turnover Rate (%)





Turnover: Non-LearnUp vs. Learnup Hires

Source: Turnover analysis across commercial deployments over an 8 month period, 2015-2016.

The LearnUp Approach

Drive revenue. 78% of LearnUp hires outperform peers.

LearnUp prepares candidates on company- and job-specific skills, informed by business needs. Employees hired through LearnUp show up to the job ready to become productive top performers.

Employees (%)

Typical Workforce

LearnUp Hires




Source: Manager survey on employee performance relative to peers at 30 days. Typical workforce represents employees that have not prepared with LearnUp before joining.

The LearnUp Approach

Hire 3x more candidates.

Higher quality candidates yield massive hiring efficiency: 3x more hires from fewer interviews and less money spent on sourcing. LearnUp automatically schedules interviews, accelerating hiring speed and saving manager time.


% of interviews that result in hires without LearnUp


% of interviews that result in hires with LearnUp

Source: LearnUp analysis across commercial deployments, 2015

Save money with LearnUp

ROI up to 9X in Year 1.

Start today and see progress within two weeks of launch. Save on sourcing, hiring and employee turnover, and benefit from higher sales productivity.

Return on Investment (%)









3 Months 3

6 Months 6

9 Months 9

12 Months 12


Source: LearnUp Employer Partner Cumulative Year 1 ROI. Internal model using historical outcomes combined with published efficiency, turnover, productivity cost estimates. 2016.


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The Fresh Market

"We really feel great about ensuring that candidates have a tool and the knowledge to be successful in a job like this."

Matt Argano, PhD, SVP HR

The future of hiring.

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