Prepare entry level applicants for successful careers.

The LearnUp Experience

LearnUp works for you.

LearnUp fits into your current process. We prepare your candidates with the skills needed to drive your business forward. Applicants can apply the standard way, or opt in to LearnUp first to learn skills needed to be successful in the role.


The Applicant Experience



Applicants opt into the LearnUp experience via the button in your careers page.



Applicants complete realistic, engaging scenarios to learn what it takes to be successful in the role.



Applicants return to the employer careers site to complete the job application.



Your managers tell us when they want to hire, and we schedule interviews automatically.



Your hiring managers hire top candidates, then LearnUp helps new hires stay engaged and confident.

"LearnUp's innovative technology and approach enable us to recruit qualified, retail-ready employees at scale while dramatically improving our hiring efficiency."

Leslie Anderson, Senior Director of HR

Gap Inc. / Old Navy

Our Scientific Approach

LearnUp is built for results.

Realistic preparation enables rapid learning.

Applicants build skills through 3-10 minute interactive modules using real-life scenarios encountered on the job, a method proven to drive results in development and retention.[1] For example, just one hour of training has been found to increase sales among associates by 5%.[2]

Job-specific skills drive your results.

Connecting to a real, open job is a critical factor in motivating participants to learn. Our content is specific, not generic — tailored to each employer and job role. This means LearnUp hires enter your business armed with the in-demand skills your business needs most.

Frequent interaction leads to faster hiring.

Reducing time-to-hire is top of mind for leading recruiters. Vacancy costs are high, and candidates sitting idle anywhere in the process are at risk. With help from our job coach and interview scheduling tool, LearnUp engages top applicants and moves them swiftly through the funnel to get hired.

Pre-hire learning drives engagement.

Like customers, candidates demand information before making decisions. When people are empowered with information about a job, they build confidence and conviction. Candidates who learn ahead of time are more likely to perform better and stay employed longer.[3]

A human connection drives hiring rates.

Many entry-level job seekers today lack the support network of more experienced workers. Our coach encourages and motivates candidates to get through the process. Applicants who engage our job coach and use our interview prep are 77% more likely to get hired. [4]

Leverage technology to hire at scale.

We've combined winning elements of in-person workforce development centers with online skills training, and amplified them with the technology to reach millions. Informed by our data-centric process, we continuously improve usage and outcomes. The result is a measurable, repeatable process for hiring managers and business leaders.


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